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Footage from the play reading at the Little Victory Theatre on December 2, 2012. Directed by: Marguerite Fair  Cast: Roberta Bassin; David Ghilardi; Katie Booth; John Fantasia; Bernard Burlew and our reader: Bud Sabitino

John Fantasia (Tim Dowkowski; Katie Booth (Stella Dowkowski; David Ghilardi (Jack Dowkowski) and Roberta Bassin (Maggie Dowkowski) Rehearsal for the Victory Theatre play reading 12/12

YLM READING - Alderson's studio

Tony Denison (of the Closer), Sheilah Grenham, Kaitlin Shaner, Paul Carafotes (Knots Landing/producer of the Charlie Bubbles Book Series and Tom Benenski  2/11

A special thank you to Jude for letting us use his song from his  CD "Haunted"

Hear the song in full as you watch a montage of play reading photos!

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Rehearsal with John Fantasia and Bernard Burlew

Doing the scene in the back yard as Tim and Joe Dowkowski 12/12